A Story on Hanuman's Ram Naam Bhakti

Once all the great Sages including Sage Narada had gathered for a big conference. That was the time when Lord Rama had come back to Ayodhya after killing Ravana and installing Vibhishana as the king of Lanka. Ayodhya was a big Empire. As the great Sages were discussing Spiritual matters, the subject turned to the greatness of Rama's power and His use of weapons.

Sage Vishvamitra said, "I can promise that there is no power in this Universe which can challenge the power of Rama's archery. Nobody can dare stand up to HIS Bows and Arrows, the power of which I have seen in His childhood."

To this Sage Vasishta said, "Oh Venerable Sage, please do not feel
offended. I think there is one power which can challenge Rama's Bows and Arrows."

Sage Vishvamitra felt
irritated and yelled, "Don't talk foolishly O
sage Vasishta! Really, is there any such… which can challenge Rama's Bows and Arrows?"

To this Sage Vasishta said again, "Yes there is. O venerable Sages
who have gathered here, I promise that a Devotee of Rama who always has His Guru's name on His tongue, in His heart and Mind, I promise that no power in the universe can harm such a person."

"Nonsense!" laughed Sage Vishvamitra. "If that is the case let us
test." And they chose a Devotee of Rama called Chandrabhanu who was a king under the empire of Ayodhya where Rama ruled. Chandrabhanu was a devotee of Rama who practiced Meditation and always recited "Ram, Ram…" When King Chandrabhanu was in Meditation, deliberately Vishvamitra went there. As the King was in Meditation, he could not attend to the needs and to the reception of Saint Vishvamitra. Taking this as an excuse Vishvamitra got annoyed and straight away went to Lord Rama and complained that He (Vishvamitra) was dishonoured by the

As Rama revered Sage Vishvamitra, He got terribly annoyed at this and said He would kill and punish that king for this lapse. Rama said, "This is a promise in the name of My Bows and Arrows by which I killed great Emperors like Ravana and Kumbhakarna." Satisfied, Vishvamitra went away.

Here Sage Narada who always enjoyed the Leelas of the Divine, came to the King out of curiosity and informed him that Rama was going to kill him for the offence of dishonouring Vishvamitra. "O God what shall I do now, O sage Narada?"

Narada said, "Look King, this is a terrible situation. However there
one person who can come to your rescue. Sri Hanuman, the great
disciple of Rama is the only person who can help you. Go and
surrender. But do not tell Him that Rama is going to kill you. Just
tell that you shall be killed and that He should help you. Only after
taking out a promise, then you tell Him who is going to kill you."

The King went To Hanuman and surrendered. "O great Devotee and Disciple of Rama, please save me from disaster! Coming out of
Meditation, Hanuman said with affection, "O Devotee of Swami Rama, what calamity has befallen you? Tell me." To this the King
replied, "O Hanuman, only you can help me! Otherwise it is certain
that I will be killed."

"Don't worry," replied Hanuman, " you are a devotee of Swami Rama. No danger can happen to you in this universe. I will protect you and this is a promise in the name of Rama, whose Sweet Name is dearer to me than anything else."

Well, out of curiosity, all Sages, Devatas, (Angels) gathered to
watch the leela. Hanuman defeated an entire army of Rama, His

brothers and all. Finally Lord Rama, Himself, came. He was terribly annoyed at the sight of His dear Devotee and Disciple, Hanuman, protecting the King. Rama ordered Hanuman to release the King. "Hanuman," Rama yelled, "hand over the King! Should I have to remind you that I am your Guru and Swami? Now it's My order!"

Composed and with Devotion and Respect due to His Guru and Swami, Hanuman said, "Not in my wildest dreams, could I have thought of disobeying You my Lord, but when You shall drop Your physical Body, Your Bows and Arrows will also vanish along with You. My Lord, only Your Sweet Name of nectar, 'SRI RAMA', will come to the rescue of the Devotees in the coming ages. So I cannot allow the promise made in Your name to go to waste, My Lord. But Your promise in the name of Bows and Arrows can go because it is of no use."

Well, Rama went on shooting arrows to kill Hanuman but Hanuman stood chanting "Ram Ram…" and to the astonishment of the gathered, nothing happened to Hanuman. All the Arrows got converted into Flower Garlands on the neck of Hanuman. Finally Rama blessed Hanuman and the King.

Such is the power of the RAM's name!

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