Shree Sundarkand Path

This article is dedicated to those who are experiencing problems and are struggling to get out of them. There are many who ask and call me daily to get more information and acquire the Sunderkand. The following most powerful remedy can be followed by those who are sincere enough to read it.

"RECITE THE SUNDERKAND " : It is the fifth chapter of the one of the holiest book called the "Ramayana". It sings the praises of Shree Ram and gives a beautiful description of Shree Ram's ambassador Hanuman's strength, knowledge and wisdom. Lots of people hesitate to read the Ramayana due to its lengthy duration. However, a quick alternative is the Sunderkand. When Lord Rama completed his leela and was ready to
return to Vaikunt, then Hanumanjee requested to go with him. Lord Shree Ram then blessed Hanumanjee asking him to stay behind to assist his devotees on earth during this troubled period of Kaliyuga.
Therefore wherever the sweet melodious words of Ramayana/Sunderkand are recited whole heartedly Lord Hanuman makes his presence prevails automatically.

The mantra's are a sound that creates the positive divine vibration.
The Sunderkand is a flow of pious mantras. The moment one does
Sunderkand recitation regularly, it crushes the negative thoughts. It
gives one materialistic boons and spiritual upliftment. By reading
Sunderkand with full-faith and devotion from the bottom of the heart, one can reap the following benefits easily.

1. It improves financial situation and ensures a stable source of income.
2. Helps open the way jobs.
3. Guarantee’s removal of all kinds of black magic and negative energy.
4. Helps in legal matters and to overcome enemies.
5. It is "Ram Baan" (the arrow of Lord Rama, most effective) for
incurable diseases. It ensures good health.
6. It removes the ill-effect of the planet Saturn, Rahu and Mars from your horoscope.
7. It will definitely makes you fearless and full of confidence.
8. It shows the solution to each and every problems in your life.
9. Bring peace and happiness in mind and soul.
10. Gives prosperity at home.
11. It will bring you one step closer to God.
12. A most sinful person purifies himself by reciting Sunderkand.

The above benefits of reading Sunderkand are just the tip of the
iceburg, the list goes on and on. If you have a particular aim, it is
an undeniable fact that daily reading of Sunderkand easily
accomplishes your objective.

1. Sunderkand can be done any day, anytime. However, for the greatest benefits one should at least recite on Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Navami, Navratri on Tuesdays, Saturdays and full moon days.
2. If you are surrounded by many problems and have a specific aim, then do it for next 31, 51 or 101 days continuously.
3. It is best to light a ghee diya in front of Lord Hanuman's picture
whilst reciting this.
4. It takes about one hour to complete and should be recited in one sitting.
5. It pleases all the deities.
6. Recite in a clean environment and be vegetarian that day.
7. Females cannot read on their periodical days of the month.

"MOST IMPORTANT" : When you are moving into a new home, one night before (anytime between 7pm to 11pm) family members must recite the Sunderkand at the new house as the new house was vacant for some time and may be occupied by the subtle bodies ( spirit, ghost ,bad wind). Reciting Sunderkand will remove these negative energy.

REQUEST: I request humbly to all the heads of temples and priests to do group recitation of Sunderkand at least once a week at the temple so, there will be mass benefits to the community at large as it is the golden key to resolve all problems.

"Special Note" : Many who have read the Sunderkand previously reported miraculous positive changes in their lives. It is a very valuable religious book and a greatly respected book.

Please recite it as much as you can. It removes all type of negative
energies. All the astrologers, palmist, priest will agree on it without doubt.

Most importantly, faith and devotion are vital elements of Sunderkand.

"Jay Shree Ram"


  1. how can a lady recite sundar kand for continuous 31 days due to menstrual cycle restrictions.

    1. I believe we can skip reading on those days of the month and resume afterwards...

    2. I believe we can skip reading on those days of the month and resume afterwards...

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  3. I believewe can skip those days of the month and resume once it's over...

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  6. There are 68 chapters in sundara kanda .how is it possible to finish it in one hour.

    1. Tulsidas's Sunderkand is chanted comfortably in 1.5 hrs. It is very popular in North India & equally effective too. Sunderkand is generally chanted to make good events happen in life like getting a job, early marriage etc.
      It's a wrong belief that chanting Sunderkand will clear any kind of entities or negativities . Chandi homam is best to destroy entities.

    2. You mean, for removing negativity from home, one must perform chandi homan. Sunderkand is more on personal level.

  7. There are 68 chapters in sundara kanda .how is it possible to finish it in one hour.

  8. I have been reciting sunderkand path for last 27 days.pls tell me for how many more days should I continue it and on which day I should do bhog of the path

  9. Pl tell me the meaning of sundarkand these lines -Kripa kar koi member sundar kand k is chandh ka meaning bataye -
    " Dhol gawar shudra pashu nari sakal tadna k adhikari"

    1. Swami Tulsidas was insulted by his wife so he added those lines in Sunderkand to show his anger from a woman.
      There is no such inscription in Valmikiya Sunderkand.

    2. Actually this chaupai is a conversation between Ravan and Mandodri. In show his anger towards his wife Ravan said these words.
      Tulsidas only shown the mental status of Ravan using this chaupai

    3. This chaupai is to describe special type of people those do not understand words and word only by hunter.when Ram worship Samudra Dev( to give way to lanka and he just ignored then Shri Ram said this.

    4. I believe you feel insulted because of mentioning ' ...nari sakal tadna k adhikari'. For feminine context it's not about beating, it's about ravishing(contentment) of her desires. All the texts which we have are wisdom of knowledge that are been acquired over centuries long observations, singing these makes them talk takes these words directly to our subconcious-unconcious.

    5. It means
      (1)shudra=person whose conduct is bad, lowly and biased.
      (2) pashu= person who is only interested in eating, sleeping and sex
      (3) Nari= person who is excessively emotional and acts without logic.
      A person with any of these qualities is required to be treated harshly else he would harm himself and others.

    6. Tadana means watching someone and you people are interpreting it wrong as yatana which means harrasing someone.

      In bhojpuri language, for instance, people say "kyo larkiyo ko tad rahe ho", if some boy watch constantly to some girl with affection and since before bhojpuri language in varanasi there was Avadhi language at the time of Tulsidas this ward (Tadana) was used and this word has included in bhojpuri language from Avadhi and, This word doesn’t means you are harassing anyone. So do not doubt on sincerity of Tulsidas.

      In all the meaning of this verse, Tulsidas is trying to say to always keep an eye on these four type of people as they are not strong enough and deserve special care and attention.

    7. The day I read sunderkan, I see unbelievable big support from lord Hanuma. Everything changes into positive.

  10. Further, acc to Swami Vivekanand more half of the verses in 4 vedas were written by women alone. Valmikiya Sunderkand is more preferable over Tulsidas Sunderkand.

    1. Can a man have sexual intercourse during 31 days od Sunderkand Pooja

    2. If you are in a sadhna or anusthan, then it is a strictly NO. But if you are chanting it just as daily routine puja , then I think there should be no problem in having healthy intercourse.

  11. Can a man have sexual intercourse during 31 days od Sunderkand Pooja?

  12. I was wondering whether it would be okay to read Sunderkand in hindi instead? If yes, do I have to read the dohas first and then read hindi translation? Pls clarify. Thanks

    1. If you are good in hindi then Tulsidas Sunderkand is good for you because Valmikiya Sunderkand is very lengthy which is in sanskrit. Tulsidas Sunderkand can be completed in just 1.5 hrs. Gita Press Gorakhpur's Sunderkand is of very good quality & very less price.

  13. I guess the Valmiki version of sundarakhand and Tulsidas Sunderakhand has difference in terms of number of lessons. Is it true? are they same ?

  14. If we can read Sunderkand than can we hear it atleast and will the same give the benefits or will give result?

  15. Listening purifies your soul but for maximum benefit reading aloud with love and devotion gives you, your goals

  16. Listening purifies your soul but for maximum benefit reading aloud with love and devotion gives you, your goals

  17. Tulsidas never insulted women.

    Dhol gavar shudra pashu naari
    Sakal taran ke adhikaru
    means they all should be reached.
    Like we teach animal to play

    That word is taran
    I have seen in first Prato of ramyan
    That was created by tulsidas.
    Gita press publish wrong meaning and many lines very bad. Very bad. They have not learned vyakaran. .this is their mistake.

    I tel this 100 % truth

    Sits ram

  18. Ramcharitmanas is told by shiv

  19. It really works I have seen its impact in my life _/\_

  20. This is a subject close to my heart.Thanks for sharing.traditional stuff..Excellent work..
    Performed sunderkand path online

  21. This subject to the sunderkand special.In ramayan this is very small story about sunderkand and have great significance.

  22. Sundara Kanda is nothing but Kundalini Yoga

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  23. What will be effects of reading sundarkand 2 or 3 times in a day