Hanuman's Marriage as per Parasara Maharishi

According to Parasara Maharishi, Hanuman had worshipped Surya Bhagwan (the Sun god) as his Guru and studied the Vedas and mastered the Nine Vyakarnas. Being an Aajanma Brahmachari, Lord Hanuman was not eligible to study the Nava Vyakarnas(nine grammers) for which the status of being a Gruhasthu was essential. 

In order to facilitate the completion of his education, the Trimurthis approached Surya Bhagwan and created a beautiful Kanya, 

Suvarchala Devi, an Aajanma Brahmacharini, from the Sun's Kiranas(rays) and arranged a marriage with Hanumanji to make him a Gruhasthu without Brahmacharya being affected.

Whereby he learnt and became a genius in the Nine Vyakarnas. These details can be found in Parasara Samhita. 


after marriage,.he spent all the life serving Lord Rama....so on the other hand he is Brahmachari too..in this way Hanuman got married with Lord surya's Daughter....

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