Lord Hanuman’s Second Tallest Idol in the World at Jakhoo,Shimla

The World’s Second Tallest Statue of Lord Hanuman is situated at Jakhoo Temple in Shimla,Himachal Pradesh.

H.C. Nadda Charitable and Education Society and Kala Amb based JHS Svendgaar Laboratories Ltd. decided in 2008 to construct a very huge idol of Lord Hanuman at Jakhu.It took almost 2 years and a budget of Rs. 1- 2 crores for the completion of this huge idol of Lord Hanuman.

This statue is marvelously 108 feet tall and adding to this it is standing at an amazing attitude of 8000 feet (2455 meters) above the sea level.
This Idol of Hanuman is visible from

as far as 7 kilometres in the diameter of Jakhoo Temple.

“Pavantanaye Sankat Haran;

Mangal Moorati Roop,

Raam Lakhan Sita Sahit; 

Hridaye Basahun Sur Bhoop.”

History of This place is Lord Hanuman dropped his ‘Sandals’ at Jakhu hills while he was carrying the ‘Sanjeevani Buti Mountain’ in his hands. As a result, Lord Hanuman temple was built at Jakhu and since then this place is worshiped in the name of Lord Hanuman. One can see many monkeys loitering around the place which are regarded as the best companions of Lord Hanuman.

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