Lord Rama Meets Hanuman - Shri Ram Hanuman Milan.

On the completion of his education, Hanuman prayed his mother to advise him on his future course of action. She was pleased with her son’s good intentions. She said: “Son! I am the daughter of Ahalya and sage Gowtama. My mother who was duped by Indra and Surya bore two sons. My father, who knew the truth, threw the children into a river and cursed them to be monkey shaped. The cursed duos are Vali and Sugriva. Vali is born due to Indra and Sugriva is born due to Surya. Both are my brothers. Sugriva is pious. Vali has misunderstood Sugriva and took away Sugriva’s wife. Vali is following an evil path and he is intending to kill Sugriva. You go to Sugriva and be his minister and saviour. Even though my two brothers are at logger heads, you don’t fight with Vali”. She added further: “My child! In your call of duty, you would meet your Lord. You would recognize him at once, as his very sight would induce inexplicable feeling in you. You serve him and fulfill your life mission”.

Devoted son that he was, Hanuman prostrated at the feet of his mother and sought her blessings to succeed in his future endeavours. Anjana bade a tearful but resolute fare well to her son.

Anjana’s advice set Anjaneya on his own mission, the mission of his Lord and the mission of his teacher Surya. Since Sugriva was Surya’s progeny, serving Sugriva was like serving his Guru. As advised by his mother, Anjaneya became Sugriva’s minister.

Ravana abducted Sita. Sri Rama and Lakshmana set in search of her. They saw Jatayu, who was about to die. Jatayu told them of Ravana’s misdeed. He informed that Ravana traveled south. Accordingly Sri Rama and Lakshmana traveled south and reached the banks of river Pampa. It was than Sugriva saw them. He thought: “were they sent by Vali?” He was worried. He shared his worry with Hanuman. Hanuman tried to reason with Sugriva. He said: “They do not appear to be dangerous. Further Vali or his followers cannot come to our place. You are suffering from the ever wavering attitude peculiar to the monkey race”. Sugriva was restless. He wanted Hanuman to go to the two strangers, in the guise of a mendicant.

The strangers Sri Rama and Lakshmana were GRUHASTHAS (married men). Hanuman was in the guise of a mendicant. As per established practice, the married men must pay respects to a mendicant, but not other wise. Contrary to tradition, Hanuman, who was in the guise of mendicant paid his respects to Sri Rama and Lakshmana, by folding his hands in a NAMASKARA.

The very sight of Sri Rama made Hanuman very happy. He was experiencing strange feelings of devotion. He at once recalled his mother’s words. Hanuman recognized his Lord in Sri Rama.

He started to speak: “Great men! You are dressed like sages, but wear swords, bows and arrows. Your shoulders suggest that they deserve royal insignia. Please tell me who are you. I am born to a Vanara Veera by name Kesari and his wife Anjana through the blessings of Vayu Deva, the wind god. My name is Hanumantha. I am a follower of Sugriva”. After telling everything about himself, Hanuman proclaims: “I have spoken so much and you don’t respond”.

Hanuman’s words astonish Sri Rama. He shares his astonishment with Lakshmana when he says: “Lakshmana, only a person well versed in four Vedas alone can talk like this. He could not have spoken so well, if he were not a scholar in the nine types of grammar. Who is this great person?”

Thus Sri Rama praises Hanuman’s capabilities in their very first meeting. That is why Anjaneya gained popularity as ATHI VAKRA NIPOORNAHA KAPIHI - the kapi who is the great exponent of speech.

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