Items to offer to Shri Hanuman ji

Items to offer to Shri Hanuman ji:

1. one chola
2. two cloths (red or yellow, unstitched)
3. one and qurter hand langot
4. one ball of soot dhaga (for janeu)
5. Supaari or kachcha nariyal
6. Paan, laung, ilaaychi
7. Panchmeva, Panchfal
8. 125 gms. desi ghee
9. 125 gms. hanumaani sindur
10. Keshar, dhoop, agarbatti, kapoor etc.

Chola to Hanuman ji is

offered on Tuesday, and Saturday only. If any devotee can't appear himelf, then a sankalp can be given to the priest. Chola is offered to Shri Hanuman ji by the Priest on aforesaid days. It is beleived that Hanumanji gets happy by offering chola to him, and he takes care of the grahas like raahu, ketu, adn shani. Please don't offer rose flower in worshiping Hanuman ji. 

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  1. very Useful information admin.Thank you.hanuman chalisa is Great Mantra for help ward off spirits.