The Powers of Hanuman

The powers that Hanuman acquired through this process of his development gave him supernatural god-like powers. There are eight primary powers that are mentioned in the scriptures in relation to Hanuman. Those who have studied Kundalini Yoga, Gnosis, or Tantra will recognize these powers because these are the same powers that
one acquires when the Kundalini awakens. They are:
  1. Anima: the ability to shrink ones size
  2. Mahima: the ability to increase ones size
  3. Lagima: the ability to be weightless
  4. Garima: the ability to increase ones weight
  5. Brapti: the ability to travel anywhere and acquire anything
  6. Parakamya: an irresistible willpower
  7. Vastiva: mastery over all creatures
  8. Istiva: the ability to become godlike with the power to create and destroy
Clearly, this is an impressive list of powers, and throughout the stories of Hanuman he uses all these powers in service of Rama, always in service to God, never for himself. This is precisely what is interesting about these powers and about the stories of Hanuman.

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