Why is Sindoor and Oil applied to Hanumanji to please him?

Why does Hanumanji Like Sindoor applied to him?
If you notice any Hanuman idol, you will first see that he is completely smeared in Vermilion or Sindoor. There is an interesting story to Hanumanjis love for sindoor that he applies all over his body.

One day, Hanuman noticed that Sitaji wore a red powder in the parting of her hair. Curious, Hanuman enquired, what it was that she was wearing. “ Dear Hanuman, it is Sindoor that I am wearing”, said Sitaji.
“What is sindoor and why was it so important?” asked Hanuman.
“Sindoor makes Lord Ram happy and would give Him a long and happy life”, explained Sitaji.

Hanuman scratched His chin and thought and thought. He realised that Sitaji also did it because she loved Ram and showed it by putting sindoor in Her hair.
“I love Ramji too,” though Hanuman, “And I’m going to prove it!” So guess what He did? Well if Sitaji can put sindoor in Her hair to show her love, he decided to cover Himself with it to show His love!
He took the sindoor powder and smeared his whole body with it. And He felt very happy and smiled. When He entered Sita’s room, He was completely red, His face, the nose, dhoti, everything was completely red. It looked as though He had taken a bath in the red powder!
Sita looked at Him in surprise and asked Him why he had covered himself in sindoor. With a shy smile Hanuman said, “ Sitaji, you are a Devi, a goddess. By putting a little sindoor in your hair, you can make Lord Ram happy and His life longer. But I am only His servant, His dasa(servant), so I will have to do more than that. And that is why I had to cover my whole body with sindoor.”
So now you know why the idol of Hanuman is all red. This also shows the great love Hanuman had for Lord Ram and how much He thought about the welfare of Lord Ram, His master.
Hence it is said that the person who gives away Sindoor and oil for Hanumanji in the temple or does Sindoor Pooja for Hanumanjis Tail for 48 days is granted his wishes.

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